What if Marvel’s most badass Hawkeye and Black Widow featured


Let’s describe how the last episode of “What if … Ultron Wins?” Disney + produces the most badass version of Hawkeye and Black Widow in the MCU.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for What if …? Season 1, Episode 8, “What if… Ultron Wins?”, Streaming now on Disney +.

It’s safe to say that Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), despite being human, have really made some intimidating figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a world of gods, aliens, and overpowered beings, they’ve established themselves as spies for SHIELD, inspiring Captain America, Iron Man, and others to be better. However, as good as they are, what if The TV series goes up a notch, shaping the more badass version of the duo and making the type of soldiers we would have loved to see on the big screen.

In “What if … Ultron wins?” The opening sequence features Ultron’s robotic legion stalking the duo, allowing Clint to be flexible. With his robotic arm, invisibility cloak, and a huge array of explosive arrows, he looks like a mix of Ronin and Hawkeye, but with a lot more aggression. Seeing him manually attack the robots, use arrows to confuse and impale them, and even behead some with his bow proves that he is indeed a man who lost everything after Ultron destroyed Earth.

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To top it off, the way Nat requisitions her bike, leaping over robots and smashing their heads with the bike tires, proves that she is quite the Steve Rogers super-soldier, all without the serum. . She performs epic stunts in this episode, knowing that she and Clint are the last resort after Ultron slays Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The relentless and murderous nature of the war they wage also influences how she and Hawkeye behave and why they are so tired. We haven’t seen a minimum of this nastiness in the Avengers movies or even the Black Widow movie, so it’s something that we can’t help but appreciate in this alternate reality.

It has a lot to do with their attitudes, as Nat tries to make sure Clint isn’t defeatist, hoping he continues to let go, as they no longer have any rules to follow. They double down on that violence, in a way the MCU would never allow, when they free Arnim Zola and upload him to a minion so he can help them hack and shut down Ultron.

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Black Widow, The Watcher and Hawkeye in What If ... Ultron Wins?

During a firefight at Hydra’s base, Nat again smashes skulls and rips heads off with his electric batons, even using Red Guardian’s shield to aid him in the fight. Hawkeye, however, turns out to be the stage thief with his selfless acts, using force field arrows to subdue tyrants, to sacrifice himself in a remix of Black Widow’s death in Avengers: Infinity War.

There, he falls into a pit with the invading robots, using an explosive arrow to incinerate anyone pursuing them. It’s pretty heroic, and it absolutely breaks Nat. While a part of her may be happy that no one is there to impose a self-righteous will on this mission, she is shattered by the loss of her partner, especially since she is unable to to use Zola to take Ultron down despite all the pent-up rage.

The season finale of What if …? airs Wednesday, October 6 on Disney +.

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