What time Marvel’s What If ..? To take out? Release time revealed


As exciting as a Marvel animated series is about to arrive, What if..? Will make it even more interesting as it will tell various stories of alternate realities from the events we are already experiencing in the MCU. It changes the game and takes it up a notch with what’s in store for every hero and villain and as he will be gracing screens in a few days, the release time has been revealed. So what time will it be released?

As the multiverse finally opened into the final of Loki where branching realities have reached the point of no return, it is interesting to have What if..? coming up for the Marvel series lined up with Disney +. The new show will be an animated one in which Uatu the watcher will recount some events that we already know, but with a twist – not what it appeared to be.

The story we all know and watch before in the MCU movies would be ruined as characters switch roles, events don’t end the way they were meant to, enemies become friends, heroes become villains, and vice versa; it will be a complete turnaround of things we think we already know, so better to keep an open mind and eyes open for what is about to happen.

The show’s mind-boggling concept comes from the comics of the same name that existed from 1997 to 2018. It gives answers to assumptions and could have been for every character or event in the MCU. While some stories may not have a happy ending, it is a promising plot have a non-canonical an alternate universe told with faces and events familiar, but not what they were.

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What time is Marvel What if..? To take out? Release time revealed

In the MCU, time and space are relative. In fact, there are places where time moves and functions differently, such as in the quantum domain or in the authority of time variation. But when it comes to Marvel What if..?, it has a specific release time and it would come out at 3 a.m. on Disney +, like every other previously released show.

He would release an episode every week until he reaches the final, with a total of nine episodes, and there are surely more to come like the Second season has already been confirmed when the supposed tenth episode of Season 1 was revealed to be part of the next one. He was also teased that there would be more to come as the story arc of Captain Carter would continue through the following seasons.

Overall, Marvel’s What if..? is a new perspective on how we see things in the MCU. What we already think we know is going to change and it would be fascinating to see how the twists and turns make our eyebrows and curious minds curl.

by marvel What if..? Episode 1 will premiere on August 11, 2021, at 3 a.m., exclusively on Disney +.

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