Which Suicide Squad hero would win at the Squid game


DC members Suicide Squad are no strangers to free death, but how would they fare against each other in Netflix Squid game? Unlike the average group of heroes, most of the team members would probably be more than willing to participate in such a game! With violence for no good reason, high stakes and an extremely unethical basis, Squid game is perfect for Task Force X.

Squid game is a series of six classic children’s games, each testing a different aspect of the competitor’s skills. Upon entering, all players are dressed in suits, which means any armor, signature weapon, or magical item is not allowed. With games requiring strength, intelligence, dexterity, and combat prowess, everyone has room to shine. However, all games must be played in order and failure in one turn results in immediate execution of the player. This means that the characters have no guarantee of reaching a turn in which they would excel. For example, while King Shark would certainly have the strength to win in the third round of the tug of war, he is unlikely to succeed in the first round “green light red”.

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Unlike most comic book teams, the Suicide Squad is largely comedic and is home to dozens of ridiculously weak “throwaway” characters. The myriad of ways they can and will die in Squid game is endless. However, the squad has at one point or another hosted some of DC’s most powerful villains and anti-heroes, such as Enchantress, Black Adam, and Poison Ivy. Due to the team’s long and complicated history, any character who has already been officially a member for any period of time will count towards the competition.

Red light Green light

Gi-hun looks back while playing Red Light, Green Light in Squid Game

The first round of Squid game is the international classic, “green light red light”. Players must run to the finish line, moving only when the judge is facing them. If movement is detected while the judge (in the show, a giant, spooky robot doll) is watching, the contestant is executed. Although terribly suited for the rest of the game, the Clock King would be perfect for this game. With his impeccable sense of timing, he could handle this challenge, with characters like Deadshot, Black Adam and Bloodsport. However, many others would struggle to cope. For example, King Shark and Harley Quinn are just too aggressive or crazy to have the self-control required for this game.

Honeycomb headache

Deadshot Will Smith Suicide Squad

The second round is a test of patience and dexterity. Contestants each receive a breakable circle of honeycomb candy, with a shape stamped in the middle. Each player must remove the excess candy and reveal the shape using a sewing needle. If the shape breaks or the player fails to complete the task within ten minutes, they are killed. Bigger, bulkier characters like Killer Croc would have little or no chance of passing this round. However, as in the first round, characters with high precision such as Deadshot and Deathstroke would have no problem here. More tech villains like Captain Cold, Polka-Dot Man, and Clock King, while gimmick-free, would definitely have no issues in this round. Where precision is lacking, magical abilities can often make a difference for characters like Enchantress.

The end of their rope

For some of the less physically inclined characters in the Suicide Squad, the third round tug of war is a disaster. Even though the squad doesn’t have a lot of powers like Black Adam, some are significantly weaker than even the average human. The competition is done as a team, however, weaker characters would have no guarantee of success if they had to rely on luck for strong teammates. This means that characters like the weasel or the ratcatcher probably don’t make the cut. Again, where power is lacking, cheating is a great option! For example, Mind Boggler or Vertigo could offensively affect the other team’s ability to shoot effectively.

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A lesson in deception


The fourth round gives each player a partner and a bag of ten marbles. The rules are simple: take all of your partner’s marbles without resorting to violence. Any sort of game can be imagined, and any form of non-violent deception is acceptable. One player in the series actually manages to survive by cheating a simple game of marbles. While a player like Deadshot can easily win a game like Marble Shooting, there is no way their partner would consent to this type of game, probably going for something more random. This makes the fourth round a game of manipulation and charisma more than skill. Characters like Mind Boggler and Poison Ivy have a big influence on people. Others like Deathstroke are masters of strategy. One, however, has a unique advantage. The parasite has the ability to absorb both the physical abilities and thoughts / memories of anyone it touches. This effectively makes him immune to manipulation and gives him a fairly universal advantage, as he has access to most of the team’s power cache.

Walk lightly

Death blow after a fight.

The game of the fifth round is loosely based on balancing games like “hopscotch”. However, players must instead jump across a bridge made of glass, some soaked and others brittle. Walking on the wrong windows results in the death of the player. This game can be played on the assumption that it is forbidden to steal or avoid windows. Aside from the obvious workarounds like magic divination, there are few other ways to skip this trick. A character in the series is able to distinguish between types of glass and to take the correct path safely. Others had to rely on luck, and most of them perished. Very observant characters like Rick Flag and Deathstroke could probably discern between the shutters. This is another example of a game where many would have a distinct advantage, but lack the skills to make it this far. Someone with killer instincts and reflexes like Killer Croc might have the speed and intuition to get through, but wouldn’t have the dexterity for the second round.

Squid game

Squid game

The final match, more than anything, is a death match. The original South Korean squid game begins with each player being assigned an offensive or defensive position. The attacker must run to a small circle in a squid-shaped court, and the defender must try to stop them and force them out of bounds. If one of the players dies, he loses, of course. In the show, players are given steak knives and no rules limiting violence are given. While there are a few major contenders for a winner, one character in particular has the versatility required to be successful through to the end. The Parasite, while powerful in general, actually has the potential to a lot more power in a situation like Squid game. His only power is to absorb the powers of others, and if he was turned back into a compound with dozens of other metahumans, nothing would stop him from simply absorbing. all of them. Under these conditions, even all Belle Rêve could not stop the Parasite.

The Squid Squad Champion


Of all the Suicide Squad members, none could win Squid game against a fully fed parasite. The full measure of his abilities is shown in Man of Steel # 94, as he takes on Superman and Strange Visitor. In essence, he has the ability to absorb the power of others, leaving his opponent exhausted and retaining those powers for up to 24 hours. In this story, the heroic alien duo can only stop the parasite because Strange Visitor has similar power and is able to scavenge energy from the parasite. However, without such a figure present at the Squid game compound, the Parasite would be unstoppable against all its Suicide Squad teammates.

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