Who is Falguni Shah? The Indian-born Grammy nominee

Falguni Shah or Falu Shah was supposed to walk the red carpet at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles for the 64th Grammy Awards Show this year, but the show was delayed due to coronavirus and staff safety concerns. It won’t be the first time for Shah.

The New York-based singer and songwriter earned a Grammy nomination for Best Children’s Album for her song The pencils are wonderful. She was also nominated in 2019 in the Best Children’s Album category for the album Falu’s Bazaar.

Speaking about the album, Shah in an interview said the album was an attempt to assure his son of his roots and identity. In the 2019 nominations, she was the only Indian woman to make the list.

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Aside from two Grammy nominations, Shah has been a long-time musician and has become attached to India in various ways.

Who is Falguni Shah?

Shah was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra and her stage name is Falu Shah. His singing started very early. It was at the age of three that she began to sing under the influence of her mother and her grandmother, both musicians. His brother was learning the tabla at the time.

Growing up, she mastered the art of the musical tradition of Jaipur and in the Benaras style of Thumri. Furthermore, she studied music under Ustad Sultan Khan and the legendary Kishori Amonkar who was one of the leading Indian classical singers of Jaipur Gharana.

Over the years it has become popular for its ability to blend modern aesthetics with Indian classic. Music composer and singer AR Rahman is her idol and she was able to perform with him at the White House in 2009 for former United States President Barack Obama.

Who is Falguni Shah? The Indian-born Grammy nominee, learn more here

It was just the beginning of his rise to fame. She has collaborated with international musicians like Wyclef Jean, Philip Glass, Ricky Martin, Blues Traveler and Yo-Yo Ma. In 2006, she was named by the illustrious Carnegie Hall as an ambassador of Indian music.

In an interview with SheThePeople, Shah said: “It was a huge surprise. I never imagined being recognized on such a global platform and getting this kind of recognition for the music I create.


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