Who survives the midnight mass?


Let’s dive into Netflix’s heart-wrenching Midnight Mass finale to see who outlasts the warped humanity of Crockett Island.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the entire Midnight Mass, streaming now on Netflix.

In Netflix Midnight Mass, the fate of Crockett Island was always inevitable. There simply weren’t many people on the tiny island to deal with the threat of Father Paul (Hamish Linklater) and a relentless population to give in to their word to convert into blood-sucking vampires. It comes to a head at Easter Mass when it carries out the will of God – who truly is the dark angel he brought back from Damascus – leading to a bloody finale where hardly anyone survives the massacre.

In “Book VII: Revelation,” St. Patrick’s Church was shaken by the revelation of the vampiric angel in sacred garb as Paul convinces everyone to join in a mass suicide. Beginning with Sturge, once they ingest the poison into this dark fellowship, they will die and be reborn with eternal life. This leads to some people wanting Heaven quickly while others are mortified, resulting in these being slaughterhouse cattle as the villainous Bev locks the doors.

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Bev knows a binge eating will ensue, but for her, it’s a purge of the unworthy. Sadly, she also made sure that no one could escape by boat, convincing her herd to burn houses down and so that their vampire clan would be the only place one can seek salvation or die. A few chosen ones choose to retaliate with Hassan, Annie, Erin, Sarah, Leeza and Warren fleeing, shooting Bev but knowing that she will come back to life. Leeza and Warren make their way to a hidden rowboat to escape while the adults decide to burn the boats that Sturge will repair for the vampires to enter the mainland, try to reclaim the current, and simply raze Bev’s harbor so that when the sunrise hits, they will all burn.

Sadly, there isn’t much of a happy ending in sight for these heroes, as the finale wraps up the theme of sacrifice. Warren’s mother, Annie, distracts Bev by killing herself, turning around and finally finding her husband, Ed, again. However, both resist the urge to feed to show that they can sustain humanity. They start singing hymns because they realized the end is near, and their faith has indeed broken them as they ignored Riley’s warnings about the demonic plague.

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As for Erin, as she tries to burn Bev’s clan down, the angel attacks her and sucks her blood. However, she continues to feed as she is able to slice off its wings, knowing that it will not be able to fly quickly to its dark nest when the sun hits and they all fry. Hassan is then shot by Bev in the crowd, but his son, Ali, realizes that he made a mistake by abandoning his religion and betraying his father. Ali burns the place down, leaving the vampires without a nest, then prays with his father on the shore. As the sun hits, Hassan succumbs to his gunshots while Ali cremates, dying a Muslim. Ironically, Bev is next to them on the shore and as she tries to hide in the sand, she burns too.

Warren and Leeza go into hiding at midnight mass

The congregation, which includes Leeza’s parents, also understand that their selfish ways cost innocent blood, and as they all sing, they also burn to death. What’s also heartbreaking is the ultimate fate of Paul and Mildred, as he brought back this gift of immortality to rejuvenate her and cure her illness. He also wanted the truth to come out – that he was Sarah’s father – so they could all have some semblance of being family. But after Sturge shot Sarah when Paul tried to help her escape, the priest saw the mistake he made. As such, he and Mildred embrace each other as they burn, holding Sarah’s corpse by his favorite bridge, accepting how he doomed them in the name of love.

This leaves young Warren and Leeza in the boat watching the island burn. It’s beautiful but tragic because they can tell that all their loved ones are gone. Warren especially hurts because he didn’t always love his family, while Leeza, who had vampire blood inside her from church wine, has just returned to a “normal” life after being paralyzed in an accident. . She ends the series by admitting that she can no longer feel her legs, confirming that the angel is dead when they saw her struggle to fly, so her supernatural blood is now moot. It’s a fitting ending as they are the purest characters on the show, making a full circle when they set the angel on fire while he is feeding. This is their way of regaining their free will because while they are just teenagers wanting to be together, they were prisoners of religion, who now have freedom in their lives.

All seven episodes of Midnight Mass air on Netflix.

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