Why can’t we just forget about the Alamo?


How did a history book spark an uphill battle against the founding legend of Texas? Texan writer Bryan Burrough set out to debunk the myth of his state’s Alamo, only to find himself in conflict with other Texans still trying to protect him.

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Texas’ epic and oft-told origin story centers on the Lone Star State’s most infamous battle: the Battle of Alamo, where American heroes such as Davy Crockett fought to the death against the Mexican military. to guarantee the independence of Texas. The only problem, according to writer and journalist Bryan Burrough, is that this founding legend isn’t entirely true. In June, Burrough and two other Texan writers set out to debunk the myth of the Alamo, only to find themselves in an unexpected battle with Texans still trying to protect their state’s revered origin story.

“The Anglo power structure here, which still dominates politics and the media,” Burrough says, “can clearly see that if the myth breaks down other things might start to dissipate as well.”

This week on The experience: how a history book sparked a fierce debate over the Texas founding legend, and how that battle rose through the ranks to the Texas GOP.

Guests on this episode include Bryan Burrough, co-author of Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth.

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