Why Does All the Money Go?



The American People are demanding answers to the question: Where Does All the Money Go? Obviously, those in power are not addressing this pressing issue. But if they do, they are hiding it deep down inside their very important walls of lies.

I’ve been studying the money scenario


For a long time and have found that we’ve been a participant in the military-industrial complex for many decades. But more recently, the US Government has been even more involved than that in a financial pyramid scheme (Ponzi scheme) that’s been operating for many years.

We may be entering the middle of the next big Ponzi scheme if these nations of the world don’t take action to get the government back on track.

The United States Government should get out of the way of these people who are hungry for answers regarding the question: Where Does All the Money Go? You see, this is a Constitutional Crisis.

Our Government has continually put our citizens at risk with the trillions of dollars that they are supposed to give to us every year. Unfortunately, this money never gets spent and ends up in Swiss bank accounts.

These people keep telling us that their own country is broke

These people keep telling us that their own country is broke

How is this possible, since these people keep telling us that their own country is broke and can’t pay its own bills? How is it possible that there’s not one penny of this money to be found somewhere? Do they just expect us to assume that there is no money at all? Are they afraid that we’ll take over their Government and run it for them?

The American people are furious with the fact that the U.S. Military spends more money on armaments and war than all the other countries of the world combined.

This is simply ridiculous! Isn’t that what makes us exceptional? Doesn’t it feel great to know that we have the best defense available in the entire world?

Sure, our Governments know the best defense is the citizen’s Armed Forces and Patriotism. In fact, why not fund a huge army and build the largest nuclear arsenal in the entire world? But since the United States Military is spending more money on arms than all the other countries of the world combined, wouldn’t that make you think that something was wrong?

Just what is going on with this question? Is the Pentagon completely out of control? Aren’t they deliberately holding the American People in the psychological bondage with the Military-Industrial Complex?

The reality is that the Government of the United States is the greatest danger to this nation. As in the old saying: “Government is Not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Our Presidents, Congressional Representatives, Senators, Congressmen, governors, and tax-payers, the politicians, bureaucrats, and religious fanatics cannot seem to agree on anything, much less find common ground.

Who would ever want that?

Who would ever want that?

They all have this thing in common: They all want our hard-earned money, our assets, our resources, our production and manufacturing, our civilization, our jobs, our consumer dollars, our productivity, our goods and services, our homes, our assets, our retirement funds, our college education and educational opportunities for our children, our precious time, our families, our homes, our freedoms, our health, our safety, our lives, our opportunities, our futures, our future, our future. Are these our priorities?

“Don’t you think that we should make it easy to live like Wu-Tang?” Because after all, “easy to Live like Wu-Tang” means that you won’t make it… not in America, anyway.

And then there are the “do-gooders” who wish to change the world, or rather, try to make it change to the point where they’re running everything. Isn’t that the definition of “change” in America?

Then you’ve got all the “elite” politicians, people, power brokers, and the “super-rich elite” running around in circles trying to find ways to change the world. If only it were that simple.


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